Speakers 2021

Peter Altmaier

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs
    Dr. Matthias Cord

    Dr Matthias Cord

    Co-CEOThüga AG

    Speaker 2021

      Stefan Dohler


        Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath

        CEORWE Renewables International GmbH
          Dr Stefan Kaufmann

          Dr Stefan Kaufmann

          MP, Representative for Green HydrogenCDU/CSU

          Speaker 2021

            Dr Ingrid Nestle, MdB

            Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

              Christoph Ostermann

              CEOSonnen GmbH

              Speaker 2021

                Dr. Joachim Pfeiffer, MdB


                  Mag. Dr. Michael Strugl, MBA

                  Co-CEOVerbund AG

                    Bernd Westphal, MdB


                      Felix Zhang

                      Group Executive Director and Venture PartnerEnvision Energy


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                        DOWNLOAD THE 2019 AGENDA

                        DOWNLOAD THE 2019 AGENDA

                        Critics repeatedly declare that the energy sector is at risk of collapse. According to them, the current system is incapable of managing the challenges posed by renewable energies. Will the industry succeed in moving away from coal without endangering supply security? How are new technologies such as blockchain changing energy and revenue streams?Continue reading

                        The Future Is Already Underway

                        energy Bank Of America John Lynch

                        As 2015 came to a close, a cohort of heads of state and the world’s leading scientists, environmentalists and economists gathered inside a remodelled airport hangar on the outskirts of Paris to adopt the final text of the 21st annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). The agreement was hailed for achieving unanimity around a substantive and comprehensive text and was celebrated as a game changer for how the world will address climate change.Continue reading



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