Guiding Questions:

  • China and the USA as role models? - Potentials and challenges for the German and European industry

  • Factor Cooperation - Through alliances in ecosystems to new market positions?

  • Digital Transformation - Platforms and ecosystems as enablers of successful digital strategies?


  • Sustainability in focus - What can platform and ecosystems really accomplish for growth and climate goals?

  • NFTs and Metaverse - Where are the future trends of Web 3.0 taking the industry?


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13./14. April Advanced, digital
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Ecosystems, platforms and Web 3.0 as the answer to the strategic questions of the German industry?

The market shift of platforms has accelerated and investments are steadily increasing. The value of the Top 100 platforms worldwide was recently around 17% of global GDP with an upward trend. China and USA are capturing more market share in the platform economy, while the development in Europe is slower and companies are partly dealing with the basics of digitalization. Some platforms are solving this digitization gap and curating digital services through their ecosystem. Globally, B2B platforms will establish more ecosystems and further define the rules of the game. Ecosystems will play an important role for almost all companies as growth drivers to strengthen their market position.

Global and regional regulation has a direct impact on platform markets and poses further challenges for platform companies. The Sustainable Development Goals solution approaches open up new market opportunities. Some platforms and ecosystems will contribute value to solve these problems and create new markets.The development of the new Web 3.0 platforms, decentralized financial models (DeFi), asset tokenization (including NFT), crypto mechanisms, decentralized ecosystems, and metaverse is creating new market structures and at the same time transparency and fairness. Existing platforms will be forced to adapt their business and governance models in the process.

So are ecosystems and platform the key to competitive advantage, digitization and sustainable growth?

We analyze the market situation and trends of ecosystems and platforms

  • China and the USA as role models? - Potentials and challenges for the German and European Industry
  • The new findings of the Top 100 Platforms

We cover the solution approaches in digital transformation:

  • Platforms and ecosystems as enablers of successful digital strategies?
  • Solving the fundamental digitization problems through the ecosystem

We deal with the potential of ecosystems and alliances:

  • Alliances as a growth factor: Through cooperation in ecosystems to new market positioning?
  • Prerequisites for cooperation and collaboration in ecosystems

We address the global and regional regulation of platforms:

  • Are platform models coming under increasing pressure to act?
  • What impact will the new regulations in China have on the platform industry?
  • Recognizing and exploiting competitive advantages: Measures and success factors

We shed light on Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFT & Co. and discuss controversially:

  • Web 3.0, Metaverse and NFTs: Where are the future trends of decentralized models leading?
  • The insights of the Top 100 NFT Platforms worldwide
  • How do decentralized ecosystems create new market structures, transparency and fairness?

We look at platforms for sustainability in the context of ESG and the SDGs:

  • What value can platforms and ecosystems really contribute to solving the
    SDGs and create new markets?
  • Solution approaches from practice and industry examples

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