TÜV Rheinland will promote and accompany the digitalization as a third party player to make mobility smarter, safer and cleaner

Interview with Dr Matthias Schubert, Executive Vice President Mobility, TÜV Rheinland

How does the digitalization influence the mobility sector at TÜV Rheinland?
Digitalization will change Mobility completely. Probably the only constant is our conviction, that also in a connected mobility ecosystem a strong third party principle will play an important role to guarantee safety. Our tools and processes will be much more digital though and the transfer of third party principles to the “data-world” is of course a challenge.

Which role could TÜV Rheinland possibly play regarding car data monetization?
Let me clarify, that we as a third party player do not target to exploit car or customer data to generate revenues. But we would be for example able to test, inspect and certify, if data-related solutions are compliant towards regulation or standards. Our mission is to make tomorrow´s connected mobility safe, smart and clean.

Should and could TÜV Rheinland act as a trustee for car data?
Yes, actually we do see our future role in this ecosystem as a third party trusted data center, ensuring security, safety and privacy of mobility data.

Which new business models are conceivable for TÜV Rheinland in the future?
We already offer a wide variety of solutions, as for example IoT Cyber Security Services. New business models are almost unlimited. We see AI and simulation tools as key capabilities for the future, digitalization and automation open new opportunities, alternative powertrain technologies need new approaches for testing and certification.

Are there activities that you will certainly not pursue in the future?
Anything that does not comply with our overarching targets to make mobility smarter, safer and cleaner.

Dr Matthias SchubertDr Matthias Schubert
Executive Vice President Mobility
TÜV Rheinland