Webinar From Engineering Oriented Car Data to Service Ready Data

From Engineering Oriented Car Data to Service Ready Data
Car data was initially designed for car engineers. It comes from multiple modules within the vehicle in diverse structures and formats and may also be corrupted due to transmission errors. Whether it’s used for personal services or aggregate use cases, the journey from engineering-oriented data to service-ready data is not always simple. The data pipeline has a significant impact on service development efforts and speed to market. This session will focus on the steps needed to expedite this data transformation.

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Webinar: 9 Privacy Practices for Connected Car Data

Consumers have long considered their cars to be an extension of themselves. Indeed, vehicle data can provide a deep view of how consumers live and what they do. In order for an ecosystem to develop around connected car data and services, both OEMs and service providers must carefully manage consumer privacy—by looking beyond regularly compliance and prioritizing consumer expectations and trust.

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A Privacy Playbook for Connected Car Data

A Privacy Playbook for Connected Car Data

Whitepaper by otonomo

Emerging applications and services based on connected car data promise to make driving safer, more convenient, and more rewarding. To grow data utilization worldwide, companies must meet drivers’ privacy expectations.

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Neutral Server: Securely Opening the Doors to Automotive Data

By Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO, Otonomo

Just over two years ago, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) announced its neutral server initiative. This joint effort by multiple European vehicle manufacturers makes automotive data available to interested third-party Service Providers in a safe and secure manner, without requiring those third parties to sign a contract with a manufacturer. Continue reading

Creating and capturing value from car data

Article by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lichtenthaler, ISM International School of Management

There are huge opportunities in monetizing car data. Before turning the attention to capturing value, however, executives need a thorough understanding of their firms’ value proposition, value creation and competitive positioning. Many solutions that are currently developed may have a limited competitive impact, which reduces their potential for monetization.

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Value-To-Market – The (automotive) shift from creating products to growing services

Interview with Raid Naim

The shift from a products- to a service-business in the automotive industry is currently discussed a lot. But, hasn’t this change been happening since a while now?

Yes, this trend has been going on for a while. However, the accelerating change in the automotive market from being a seller market to being a buyer market, the increasing value of digital components and the change in regulations are making this shift essential for the survival of many players in the market. This shift has a big impact on the profits in the automotive sector and is forcing a change in value proposition. The pure driving performance will become less important than a thought-through mobility approach.

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Setting the framework for car connectivity and user experience


Article of Mc Kinsey Quarterly (November 2018)  by Michele Bertoncello, Asad Husain, and Timo Möller

The connectivity experience of drivers and passengers will soon be transformed, with the potential for significant value creation. Here is a framework to measure progress.

Today’s and tomorrow’s car will increasingly be connected. However, there is no clear-cut standard yet to define what “connectivity” means:

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