Do you know how to create value from car data?

Vehicles generate multiple types of data, enabling different use cases. As a result several players along the value chain try to turn car data into valuable products and services. This international conference by Handelsblatt — Germany‘s leading business newspaper — provides a platform to exchange  experiences and ideas regarding car data monetization. Join us to approach this issue strategically and don‘t miss the opportunity to discuss with key players and learn more about best practice examples.


Prof. Dr Ulrich LichtenthalerProf. Dr. Ulrich Lichtenthaler
Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship
ISM International School of Management

Main topics

  • Car Data’s Value Potential
  • Use Cases and Challenges
  • Best Practice Examples
  • Platforms and Ecosystems
  • Legal and Political Regulations



Panel discussions

Networking Night

Roundtable session

Business Speed Dating


Transforming Data into Profits:
How to Monetize Automotive Data

Cars are collecting data about current locations, the drivers’ behavior, their environment, as well as internal statuses and processes — analyzing it leads to valuable insights, especially when combining several data points.


Yannick Engel

Harvest the Value of Your Ecosystem – How to Turn Data into Profitable Revenue

Interview with Yannick Engel, Innovation Director at Futurice

Faster, stronger, louder: The buying criteria from the muscle car era have become less and less relevant, and for the majority of car buyers they are a relict of the past. It is obvious that we are experiencing a seismic shift in the market. What are the most impactful developments at the moment?


Webinar From Engineering Oriented Car Data to Service Ready Data

From Engineering Oriented Car Data to Service Ready Data
Car data was initially designed for car engineers. It comes from multiple modules within the vehicle in diverse structures and formats and may also be corrupted due to transmission errors. Whether it’s used for personal services or aggregate use cases, the journey from engineering-oriented data to service-ready data is not always simple. The data pipeline has a significant impact on service development efforts and speed to market. This session will focus on the steps needed to expedite this data transformation.