24.09.2020 | Enterprise AI

Success Factors for Growth Post COVID-19

24.09.2020 | 16:30 – 17:30

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For many companies, survival post-COVID will depend on their ability to predict, quickly interpret, and respond to rapidly changing market dynamics. Significant opportunity for innovation and competitive advantage lies in applying AI to re-think how businesses operate and deliver dramatic improvements in how companies engage customers, make better use of their workforce, and improve business operations. Organizations are looking to AI to transform and optimize their supply chain operations, reconfigure their distribution networks, and predict and mitigate resource risks. But how do they apply AI at scale across the entire value chain, and how do they do it rapidly? In this session specifically tailored for decision makers, Silicon Valley technologist Ed Abbo will share his roadmap and best practices for harnessing and applying advanced enterprise AI techniques for success in the post-COVID economy.

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Ed Abbo

Ed Abbo

President and Chief Technology OfficerC3.ai
Ed Abbo

Ed Abbo

President and Chief Technology OfficerC3.ai

Ed Abbo is President and Chief Technology Officer at C3, which provides an AI and IoT software platform-as-a-service to power enterprise digital transformations. Mr. Abbo leads C3’s strategy and execution, including technology direction, innovation, and customer success. Prior to C3, Mr. Abbo was Senior Vice President at Oracle Corporation, where he was responsible for its application products. Prior to joining Oracle in 2006, he was Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer for Siebel Systems.
Mr. Abbo earned a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.


    Enterprise AI: Success Factors for Growth Post COVID-19

    In the coming years, virtually every large organization will deploy dozens – often hundreds, or even thousands – of AI-enabled software applications across every aspect of their operations. From this talk you will learn:

    • The specific requirements for enterprise AI technology, how to distinguish offerings in the market, and why they are critical to success
    • Best practices for developing and deploying enterprise AI at scale and how to avoid the complexity challenge of building AI applications
    • How C3.ai technology simplifies AI application development and operation


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