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The success story of ING – Interview with Ralph Hamers (ING Group)

ING has achieved a level of profitability that many German banks can only dream of. What do you do better than your competitors?
I believe that it starts with having a clear, customer-focused purpose. That purpose then serves as the organisation’s ‘North Star’, keeping everyone moving in the same direction. ING’s purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead, in life and in business. Notice that there’s no mention of ‘banking’ or ‘finances’ in our purpose. That’s because we recognise that banking is not a primary need for people – nobody wakes up in the morning with the urge to make a payment, or to apply for a loan.Continue reading

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Statista FinTech Report 2019 – Digital Payments


Payment transactions are becoming increasingly digital. Worldwide, the total transaction volume in the digital payments segment in 2019 amounts to approximately 3,670,864 million euros and its forecast to increase to about 5,921,831 million euros by 2023. The Statista FinTech Report 2019 gives you a comprehensive insight into the development of the digital payments market segment.

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Europe needs a Silicon Valley

Europe needs a Silicon Valley

Europe is in need of its own kind of Silicon Valley, thinks Carolin Gabor, PhD. Such a model would be considerably more effective than the many FinTech hubs that are emerging scattered across the continent. As the managing director of FinLeap, she supports young financial institutions with their strategic development and successful growth right up to a possible exit.Continue reading

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Banks have to think like tech companies

Intzerview with Roland Folz, PhD, the CEO of solarisBank.

A company does not automatically become digital just because it offers an app to its customers, admonishes Roland Folz, PhD, the CEO of solarisBank. Nowadays, modern consumers expect contextual banking: They want to access financial services whenever they are required. In order to meet these requirements, the concept of digitalization has to take top priority.Continue reading

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Banking on the move VOL. 2 | Digital Magazine

Interviews, analyses & background information about the future of banking, regulation & fintechs

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & ICOs
Technologies that will change the financial sector.

Facebook, Google, Amazon
The role of tech giants in the financial sector.

Between innovation & tradition
Challenges for the digitization of the financial industry.Continue reading

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