Markus Zürn, Executive Director Marketing & Digital, A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger

Conventional cars with analog and embedded features dominate the automotive aftersales market, versus a very small number of electric digitized cars. We are facing a major digital maturity discrepancy compared to other markets. Our drivers are already used to the best customer experience ever!

And there are new kids on the block: We’re witnessing the birth of car and e-scooter sharing, individual mobility rental services for short-, medium- and long-term and data-driven business models providing new effortless mobility management services.

This environment disruption and increased consumer expectations require a profound change in our way of interaction. There will be winners and losers in the upcoming revolution. A.T.U’s customer-centric approach and the usage of smart data – matching relevant customer information with behavioral knowledge – will help us keep the pole position in the race for the customers’ favor.

We need to understand tomorrow’s mobility patterns to convince today’s customers.

Our strategy? We reversed the sales funnel!

Awareness, branding, lead generation, – that’s the traditional approach. Right now, we are on the racing line from Relevant Set to First Choice. We evolve our marketing and sales activities by means of smart data, geofencing, programmatic advertising and predictive analytics. This allows us to understand our clients’ needs. This results in deep understanding of the consumer’s desires, enabling us to come forward with the right offer in the exact moment of need.

Our implementation approach? GET – KEEP – GROW

Bridging the gap from sheer awareness towards measurable conversion is only possible with thorough knowledge of the relevant audience. A targeted approach using carefully selected data in a hyperlocal context creates opportunities to delight drivers.

Especially in times of disturbed relations with OEMs and their clients (e.g. DIESEL CRISIS), listening to customers is continuously giving them a reason to stay. Earning the customers´ confidence is a tough job.

A.T.U is evolving from a core automotive retail and service business towards a mobility platform ecosystem. Today, consumers swipe through information, promotions and even human beings, matching their needs with the right proposal in seconds. Our AI models fuel this process considering current trends, customer sentiment and predictive analytics.

But despite of our efforts and with the huge potential out there, we’re at … DAY ONE.