Round Tables Sessions

Overview of Handelsblatt roundtable topics


Topic Talent management of the future Right and ability to connect Future vehicle technologies and implications
Key challenge Aftermarket is a hidden und not well known segment for young talents, moreover, new types of talents and new expectations is required for tomorrow Access to car data is essential for servicing the next generation vehicles and the regulatory prerequisites (“right”) and the methods and tools (“ability”) are still in debate Electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and other technological advancement require new core competencies from AM players
Focus questions What are the challenges and requirements for talent intake and development?

How can we improve talent management?

What are possible strategies for the aftermarket industry to attract and retain talent?

What is the status of the discussion on regulation and tools for connectivity?

What are the desired outcomes for respective aftermarket players?

How can we shape the desired outcome actively?

What are the key technological trends that will impact automotive aftermarket?

Which components will win, which will loose?

How can aftermarket players prepare to success (e.g., capabilities, investments, etc.)

Format 60 min break outs: discussions at the tables along 1) status quo, 2) core challenges, 3) implications for various stakeholders

15 min recap: Summary of the discussion outcome by the moderators

Moderation escribe
Gael Escribe
Nexus Automotive

Robert Hanser
Board member
LKQ Corporation


Dr. Geng Wu
Associate Partner
McKinsey & Company, Inc.