“Best frenemies” – Opportunities in the Automotive Aftermarket from the Perspective of an Insurer

Sebastian Hartmann, Head of Aftersales, Allianz Automotive

Customer centricity is on everyone’s agenda. But what are we actually doing about it?

Allianz´ business partners expect global insurance solutions implemented with local expertise. We deliver this leveraging our understanding of the entire automotive value chain as well as mobility consumer and we support our partners at every stage, from research and development to sales and aftersales. We provide each of our business partners with a tailored product offering designed to meet their specific needs.

In terms of claims / aftersales since long time insurance companies and car manufactures have shared a “Best Frenemies” co-existence. We believe it is now time for a paradigm shift to move out of the “enemy zone” and set ground for new cross-industry dynamics and enhanced partnerships. We see a future full of opportunities, in which we need to set our differences aside and much rather focus on what brings us together: deliver the best customer experience!

As a reliable business partner along the entire automotive value chain, we are able to deliver innovative  business solutions, making use of our capabilities to deploy them across multiple geographies, while allowing our partners to focus on their core competences. These generated synergies will avoid service and IT-infrastructure overlaps as well as process costs.

Therefore it is also paramount that we jointly unleash the power of information, moving from fragmented data into value adding data-driven assets. One of many good examples is given by Pay How You Drive insurance products, where claims prevention solutions can be integrated, making use of data e.g. gathered from car telematics. This data can also be used for damage assessment in order to kick-off the right accident damage / claims handling processes to maximize customer convenience.

We need to adopt to the sharing economy culture, not because of the risks we will face, if we don´t do it – but more so for the opportunities we can unlock from jointly doing it.