ATZ has been published for over 120 years. It is the leading international technology magazine for decision-makers in automotive development. ATZ offers engineers 360° information about the entire vehicle – be it chassis or body, lighting technology, air conditioning or thermal management. It presents and analyzes trendsetting developments and always has its finger on the pulse of the times. ATZ has thus established itself as a must read for technology-oriented management and promotes the global transfer of information in the field of modern vehicle development between the automotive and supplier industries, service providers and research and development centers all over the world.

The German Federal Association for eMobility (Bundesverband eMobilität / BEM) connects all the stakeholders from science and research, economy, politics, and media, promotes the public visibility for emobility through numerous events and inserts for necessary changes in the infrastructure. »The involvement of our members in the different BEM events, exhibitions, publications, and projects is, therefore, one of our most important tasks on a daily business. Moreover, we take care that our members get optimally connected, to develop new cooperations and business models for a prompt, visible new mobility«, says BEM Vice President Christian Heep. It is also a task of the BEM to improve the regulatory framework for the rollout of eMobility as an important and pioneering mobility concept and the implementation of equal opportunities for the change to eMobility.

The branch of eMobility will be a strong growth market not only when it comes to preserve jobs and create new jobs. It is necessary to confront the challenges of the new mobility together to save a sustainable upsurge in the whole market. These assignments urge active participation of the most innovative enterprises of Germany, strong personalities, and the cooperative collaborating of all stakeholders from science, research, economy, politics, media, the associations and institutions, as well as the engagement of every citizen who likes to engage for the new mobility. The BEM membership combines the social, economical, and ecological challenges with the opportunities of eMobility and sustainable developments and establishes those in society.

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