Automotive Summit 2017

Transformation Now

Germany’s Federal Counsil , the Bundesrat, has called for a ban on new registrations of combustion-engine cars from 2030, while Norway wants to take petrol and Diesel cars off the road by as early as 2025. Cars that can drive themselves, at least some of the time, will be with us even sooner. Instead of relying on wheels alone, some cars may even be able to take to the sky.

The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its 130-year history. “In the next five to ten years”, predicts General Motors CEO Mary Barra, “there will be more changes than in the previous 50.” Digitalization and electrification are making their mark on business models just like new consumption patterns and social changes.
For the car companies, this poses an existential question: how can a highly complex system that has emerged over generations adapt successfully in such a short time? What is needed to master this transformation?

Handelsblatt’s 25th Automotive Summit in Sindelfingen will attempt to answer this with the help of top experts from around the world. Over two days, the Mercedes-Benz Customer Center in Sindelfingen will host discussions on the strategic realignment of the industry, on new alliances and driving concepts, and on the political and economic context to this enormous transformation process. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, IT companies, entrepreneurs and designers, politicians and consumer groups will present their ideas, concepts and strategies, engage in discussions with you and try out new technical solutions.

We look forward to an informative and inspiring summit in Sindelfingen.


24 October 2017, Mercedes-Benz Museum

25 and 26 October 2017, Mercedes-Benz Customer Center Sindelfingen

25 October 2017, Mercedes-Benz Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen

What’s new in 2017?

The Automotive Summit visits Daimler
The unique atmosphere of the different locations – the museum, Customer Center and Center of Excellence – invites you to experience first-hand the revolution transforming the automotive industry and to take part in inspiring discussions. Choose freely from the Vision-Tours and workshops for an experience that go far beyond the discussions.

Vision cars to touch
Experience a series of vision cars in the flesh. Be inspired.

Ladies’ Breakfast
A breakfast especially for women of the automotive industry invites to start the summit with networking on October 25. Take this opportunity to meet new contacts and expand your network.

Alternative Stage
The Alternative Stage gives a voice to Start-Ups and lateral thinkers. Get an insight into strategies of the future. Discuss the ideas of creators and forward thinkers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Future Lab
How does the next generation see mobility? Young adults discuss this question and develop ideas in an all-day workshop. We encourage you to engage with those talents!

Driving Experience
“Intelligent Drive” and “Iron Schöckl”. Be enthralled.


WORKSHOP 1: Daimler – The (r)evolution of online sales and the importance for the automotive industry.
The opening of new sales channels and digital revenue streams: from keychains to vehicles to digital services

WORKSHOP 2: Daimler – Mercedes-Benz Fit & Healthy
Greater well-being and fitness thanks to intelligent comfort

WORKSHOP 3: Hogan Lovells – An Interactive Discussion about Autonomous and Connected Vehicles –
Are You (still) in the Driver’s Seat?

WORKSHOP 4: Google – Digital Transformation

TOUR 1: Plant Tour „Industry 4.0″

TOUR 2: Mercedes-Benz Technology Center

More tours in the factory Sindelfingen are in vote.