14 September 2022

Asia Business Insights

Digital Edition
The Annual Conference of the German-Asian Economy, hosted by Handelsblatt and HSBC



Nicole Bastian

Nicole Bastian

Head of Handelsblatt‘s
foreign affairs department

    David Liao

    David Liao

    Co-Chief Executive, Asia Pacific, HSBC

      Peter Mohnen

      Peter Mohnen

      CEO, KUKA AG

        Germany as an export nation is particularly dependent on stable supply chains and secure foreign trade conditions. This results in an increasing responsibility for politics and companies alike in the stabilization of open and integrated markets as well as in the management of geopolitical risks or agile economic factors.

        How can German companies profit maximally from the growing Asian markets without simultaneously falling into a dangerous dependency and becoming a geopolitical pawn?

        What role will global industry standards have in the future when it comes to technological sovereignty?

        We will discuss all this and more at this year’s ASIA BUSINESS INSIGHTS.


        Relationships with the huge Asian future market are more dynamic – and the market itself more diverse – than ever. We offer highly differentiated insights into this fascinating environment. We set country or topic-specific focus points, and let voices from the respective regions have their say.


        The Asia Business Insights conference has established itself as the most relevant annual networking platform for German and Asian companies. The focus rests on best practices and open exchange to help you gain a foothold or grow your business in Asia successfully


        Benefit from the valuable experience and strategic approaches of internationally successful companies. We supply the latest insights and outlooks from leading scientists and journalists, plus assessments by high-ranking politicians and diplomats. Together, they paint a uniquely valuable picture of the Asian market.