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Today’s energy industry needs to get a clear view of the issues that will define its business activities in the future. In these exciting times, we can release new business energy through collaborations, openness, and an awareness of the latest trends. Limiting our focus to digitalisation and change would fall short of the mark. The same would apply if we were to rely solely on longstanding, elaborate structures.

Renowned innovation researcher Dietmar Dahmen summed up the situation well in 2016, when he said: “The market is getting faster. Big companies see it as a marathon. Startups sprint. The real chance for success surely lies in the mix: sprinting a marathon. If you can do that, you’ll win!” (Dietmar Dahmen at the 2016 Handelsblatt Energy Industry conference)

From 24 to 26 January 2017, the Handelsblatt Energy Industry conference will bring together key figures from the industry who can achieve this feat.

For more than 20 years now, this annual conference has been all about exploring new developments for you and putting the business in the spotlight. We’ve got a whole host of great things in store for you in 2017. Register here to download an overview of the programme.

News about Energy Industry 2017:

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The Future Is Already Underway

As 2015 came to a close, a cohort of heads of state and the world’s leading scientists, environmentalists and economists gathered inside a remodelled airport hangar on the outskirts of Paris to adopt the final text of the 21st annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). The agreement was hailed for achieving unanimity around a substantive and comprehensive text and was celebrated as a game changer for how the world will address climate change. (more…)



We have prepared an exciting program featuring numerous high-level speakers.

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We are really pleased, to present you first detailed information to the 23nd Handelsblatt Annual Conference Energy Industry 2016.

Already at this stage we can offer you many speaker confirmations and a first detailed agenda.



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