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Banking Summit 2018

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Main topics:

  • Brexit: Germany‘s future as a European finance hub
  • ECB: The interest rate turnaround and its impact
  • Artificial intelligence: Critical success factor for the banking industry of the future?
  • Blockchain, bitcoins & cyber security: New opportunities, new risks?
  • The tech giants are coming: A game changer for the banking market?

Banking on the move VOL. 2| Digital Magazine

Banking Summit News:

Europe needs a Silicon Valley

Europe needs a Silicon Valley

Europe is in need of its own kind of Silicon Valley, thinks Carolin Gabor, PhD. Such a model would be considerably more effective than the many FinTech hubs that are emerging scattered across the continent. As the managing director of FinLeap, she supports young financial institutions with their strategic development and successful growth right up to a possible exit. (more…)

Intzerview with Roland Folz, PhD, the CEO of solarisBank.

Banks have to think like tech companies

A company does not automatically become digital just because it offers an app to its customers, admonishes Roland Folz, PhD, the CEO of solarisBank. Nowadays, modern consumers expect contextual banking: They want to access financial services whenever they are required. In order to meet these requirements, the concept of digitalization has to take top priority. (more…)

Banking regulation – between innovation and security

Banking regulation – between innovation and security

FinTech, cryptocurrencies, IT security – the Digital Revolution poses a considerable number of new challenges to banking regulation. In this interview, Felix Hufeld, president of Bafin, explains how the balancing act between security and the promotion of innovation can be successful. (more…)


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